And So the Sea Swallowed Tristan the Mad

Faculty Mentor(s)

Professor Alicia Diaz, Hope College
Professor Matthew Thornton, Hope College
Professor Steven Iannacone, Hope College

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And So the Sea Swallowed Tristan the Mad is a dance solo based on Salvador Dali’s painting entitled The Boat (1934-36). A large figure, half ship and half human, is the subject of this painting. The choreography explores the surreal and unnatural quality of this figure. The sound score demonstrates the qualities found in the setting of the painting, as well as giving a voice to the subject matter. The colors and hues used in the painting are represented in the costuming, and the loose and flowing shirt is reminiscent of the sails in the artwork. During the performance, hair is braided back and a mask is worn to embody the lack of presence in Dali’s figure since it has no head, meaning no face and no hair. The lighting adds to the quality of the work and helped to unify all the artistic elements when the solo was performed in the 2010 Fall Student Dance Concert at the Knickerbocker Theatre. And So the Sea Swallowed Tristan the Mad takes the audience through a journey both above and below the water, in order to experience the eerie and bizarre world of Salvador Dali.

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