Lente: Stretching The Limits Of Handheld Devices

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Dr. Michael Jipping, Hope College

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This work is supported by the National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates program.


There are approximately 400 million people in the world suffering from the challenges of visual impairment. There are 5 billion mobile phones in use in the world. This project worked to take advantage of this unique opportunity: to provide for computing assistance for visual impairement on a computing platform already accessible by many in the developing countries…the mobile phone. This project built software called “Lente” to use the technology of mobile phones to assist those with low vision. By making this technology work on phones already in use, this project seeks to provide this type of the assistance to those in developing countries free-of-charge so that those that might not otherwise afford such technology would have access to it. This software was designed for and implemented on a Nokia N900 smartphone.

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