Tarsal Coalition in a Female Collegiate Soccer Player

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Professor Margaret Frens, Hope College
Dr. Kirk Brumels, Hope College

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Tarsal coalition is an abnormal cartilage, fibrous, or osseous union of one or more of the tarsal bones in the foot. The incidence of this condition is very low, but when it does occur and it often causes significant functional and symptomatic difficulties for the affected individual including, but not limited to, gait pattern disruptions, range of movement discrepancies, and pain. This study examined a case of tarsal coalition in a Division III collegiate female soccer player. The presentation of her condition and functional ability were not consistent with what is considered a normal for an individual with the condition. Due to this, the subsequent treatment and rehabilitation was also outside the norm. The examination of this case specifically emphasizes the significance of a proper evaluation and referral process, as well as the importance of an athletic trainer and other health care professionals to have a wide range of knowledge regarding musculoskeletal conditions, especially the more obscure ones.

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