Haiti: A Country to be Rebuilt

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Professor Isabelle Chapuis-Alvarez, Hope College

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On January 12, 2010 an earthquake devastated Haiti; an event which would trigger a flood of relief efforts from around the world. In response, the United States initiated what President Obama claims was the most significant international aid operation ever launched. However, the first few days after the earthquake were filled with chaos and confusion, and the aid did not arrive until it was nearly too late. Furthermore, the United States took control of the situation without negotiating with any other country delivering aid or with the Haitian government, which further complicated the situation. This ordeal is far from an isolated event for Haiti, a country that has been affected by catastrophes and socioeconomic instability since its independence from France in 1825. The extent of the devastation and the lack of organization involved in bringing international aid to Haiti during these desperate times have revealed the need to help build third-world countries’s infrastructure, rendering them truly independent.

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