Characterization of Truncation Error Using PRSV Series Method

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Dr. Michael Misovich, Hope College

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This material is based upon work supported by Hope College and the Hope College Engineering Department.


The Peng-Robinson-Stryjek-Vera equation (PRSV) is a versatile PVT equation of state (EOS) which can also be applied to determine equilibrium properties such as vapor pressure. Approximate results from an truncated series expansion method were compared to exact results from a numerical fugacity algorithm. Results were generated for reduced vapor pressure versus reduced temperature dependent upon the acentric factor parameter ω and an additional substance-specific parameter κ1. Plots of truncation error versus a reduced temperature expression were constructed to verify whether the truncation error function behaved as expected for a Taylor series expansion remainder term. Results were inconclusive as certain tests showed the correct remainder term dependence but others did not. Future work is recommended to determine whether there is some inconsistency among the programs used to produce the exact and approximate solutions or whether the series coefficients themselves are incorrect.

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