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Dr. Paula-Marie Ferrara, Kinesiology; Dr. Maureen Dunn, Kinesiology; Dr. Olufemi Oluyedun, Kinesiology

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Post-warm-up transition time (PWTT) is the period of time between the end of a pre-game warm-up and the beginning of gameplay at a particular sporting event. During this period of time, typical pregame traditions are completed such as the playing of the National Anthem and recognition of players and coaches. This length of time can vary from sport to sport. Research shows that a dynamic warmup is encouraged to improve performance and decrease the risk of injury. Further, rest periods are necessary for optimal performance. Too short of a recovery time can result in muscle tissue damage, but too long of a recovery time can nullify the effects of the warm-up. Little research exists to determine the optimal PWTT that results in peak anaerobic performance. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to identify the PWTT that resulted in optimal performance on a series of anaerobic fitness tests among female collegiate volleyball players. Biologically female Hope College volleyball players will participate in three testing sessions in which they will complete a standard dynamic volleyball warm-up followed by one of three randomized conditions: a 5-minute, 12-minute, or 20-minute recovery period. Following their recovery time, participants will then complete a vertical jump test, agility T-Test, and 20 m sprint test. Maximum heart rate will be monitored and recorded throughout each testing session, along with perceived intensity following the completion of each test. It is hypothesized that the 5 minute condition will yield the best performance results among participants, while the 20-minute condition will yield the worst. Significant results would encourage the revision of pregame traditions in order to optimize PWTTs in an effort to maximize anaerobic performance during volleyball gameplay. This study is ongoing and the results will be available during the research celebration.


This research was supported by the Department of Kinesiology at Hope College.

Title on poster differs from abstract booklet. Poster title: Effect of Post-Warm-Up Transition Time on Anaerobic Performance in Female and Male Collegiate Volleyball Players

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