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Dr. Daina Robins, Theatre

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The purpose of this presentation is to bring to light the work of the students involved in this fully student- produced and original production of Pomegranates Underneath. As a 490 project produced through the Theatre Department here at Hope College, its goal was for students to fully produce, design, and create a performance, giving them full responsibility for its execution. The thesis of this 490 was creativity under pressure. The production team spent a total of five weeks writing, designing, rehearsing, tech-ing, and performing a fully-developed production. The project was meant to push us to our limits both creatively and logistically, while still allowing us to produce a complete work of which we were proud. Each playwright, director, designer, stage manager, actor, and crew member was working on their own aspect of the production within this condensed timeline, which emphasized collaboration and adaptability. Ultimately, this all culminated in a weekend run of the play which was open to all to see and enjoy!