Student Author(s)

Alexis Potapczak, Hope College

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Rachel Spooner, Political Science

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This research paper analyzes religion's involvement in foreign policy concerning the time period that the United States was involved in the Cold War. Previous contributions to the research of foreign policy show that religion does have a profound impact, and now can be applied to theories surrounding the Cold War. I theorize that Cold War foreign policy was strongly influenced by Christian rhetoric and practices. I will compare the current ways of quantifying the involvement of religion in foreign policies with decisions made by the United States' foreign policy leaders during the Red Scare. Decision makers', like congressmen and President Truman, rhetoric depicts intertwinement of religion and politics. Additionally, I will observe the influence of Christian social justice reformers like A. J. Muste, and the application of what constitutes a just war.


Title on poster differs from abstract booklet. Poster title: "When God Comes In, Communism Has to Go"