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Dr. Paula-Marie Ferrara, Kinesiology; Dr. Maureen Dunn, Kinesiology

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Warming up before exercise increases muscle metabolism and reduces the risk of injury. Soccer players are prone to lower limb injuries, therefore a warm up that reduces injury and improves performance is ideal. Foam rolling is known to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness, loosen muscle fascia, and promote blood flow to muscles when utilized post-exercise. As such, the inclusion of foam rolling in conjunction with a dynamic warm up prior to exercise may further reduce injury risk and optimize performance. However, current research has not examined the relationship between combining foam rolling with a dynamic warm up on exercise performance. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to determine if foam rolling combined with a dynamic warm up will improve aerobic endurance and muscular power over that of a dynamic warm up alone. Men’s collegiate soccer players will be recruited for this study. All participants will complete a familiarization trial, within which they will complete a Vertec vertical jump test, an interval shuttle run test (ISRT), and learn the foam rolling and dynamic warm up protocols. Following the familiarization, participants will complete two randomized trials scheduled one week apart: one where they will perform lower-limb foam rolling with a dynamic warm up before exercise, and one where they will complete the dynamic warm up alone. Exercise during these trials will include the vertical jump test and a modified version of their ISRT, based on their results from baseline. Data will be analyzed using a within-subjects paired samples t-test. Significant results will allow the Hope College men's soccer team to have a more effective warm up that would give them a competitive advantage during games while reducing injury risk. This study is ongoing, and results will be available during the poster celebration.


Funding was not needed for this study. All resources were provided by Hope College.

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