Student Author(s)

Bergen Johnson, Hope College

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Aaron Franzen, Sociology & Social Work

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Physicians who display greater humility tend to have better communication with patients, who then self-report as having better health (Ruberton et al. 2016). Research shows that older adults with increased humility have better self-rated health (Krause 2010). Religiosity also relates to humility in older adults, with more religious individuals scoring higher in humility (Krause 2010). Due to the benefits of humility for patients and physicians, the early character development of humility in undergraduate pre-health and nursing students is of interest — especially as this is a time of rapid character change and development (Clydesdale 2007). This study investigates whether the same relationships are present for undergraduate pre-health and nursing students. We found that students who identify as religious have less humility than students who are not religious. Also, students with better overall health have increased humility while students with bad mental and physical health have higher humility.