Student Author(s)

Megan Mead, Hope College

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Dr. Virginia Beard, Political Science

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Cyberterrorism is a relatively new threat globally but has increased rapidly in recent years due to the development of more sophisticated and advanced computer-based technology. Many people question the existence of a substantial threat from the Chinese government in terms of their use of cyber technology on the United States. Intelligence shows China has continuously used their cyber technology capabilities as a way to exploit other countries, businesses, and local populations. Scholarly research, news outlets, and official government documents all conclude that Chinese cyberterrorism is a large security threat to the United States. China has used their technology to infiltrate U.S. networks and infrastructure in the past. They are a continued threat, with government agencies constantly watching and assessing threat levels of Chinese technology along with the political and economic atmospheres. This research examines the implications of how increased cyber attacks from China could be catastrophic to U.S. infrastructure, economy, and intelligence. Along with how the United States has combated previous attacks, developed new technology and implemented regulatory policy to protect infrastructure.


Title on poster differs from abstract booklet. Poster title: The Threat of Chinese Cyberterrorism in the United States