Student Author(s)

Sungmin Suh, Hope College

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Virginia Beard, Political Science

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Every year, tens of billions of dollars are transferred as foreign aid to so-called developing countries, including sub-Saharan African states. My research regards the overall effectiveness in the development of these recipients. Some evidence supports the success of foreign aid in fostering development. My focus is to understand the effectiveness of foreign aid beyond the individual outcomes of various aid programs. Particularly, I will explore how aid affects investment, self-determination, democracy, and transparency in recipient nations. In this study, I examine the realities of the countries at individual country-levels rather than the macro measures focused on by such scholars as Paul Collier. This paper will answer whether or not the real meaningfulness of the impact of foreign aid is treated as an ‘externality’. Furthermore, it checks to see if foreign aid really created more negative impacts than positive.