Student Author(s)

Reed Hanson, Hope College

Faculty Mentor(s)

Rev. Dr. Trygve Johnson, Campus Ministries; Dr. Jeanne Petit, History

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Over 150 years ago, Hope College was founded with a vision to become a “school of the prophets.” Philip Phelps and Albertus Van Raalte established an institution that would train ministers, pastors, missionaries, and inspirational men and women to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth and to advance His kingdom revolution worldwide. Over the course of the past 150 years, Hope has endured seismic structural and spiritual changes that at times caused the school to wander away from its true goal and in turn become a lost, nearly secularized college, unfaithful to its original founding vision. However, a massive spiritual revival in the 1990s resurrected Hope College from the shackles of spiritual decay and ruin and put Hope back on track as a college to equip world Christians in the soil of Hope. From June-August 2019, Reed Hanson and Trygve Johnson collaborated, with funding from the History Department, to research the Faith History of Hope College and to bring its storied spiritual past to life through quotes, interviews, and personal testimonies that make Hope an institution like no other.


This research was made possible through funding from the Hope College Department of History and support from Campus Ministries at Hope College.