Submissions from 2012

CytoSEED: Software for Viewing and Analyzing Bacterial Metabolic Models, Nicholas Hazekamp and Joshua Kammeraad

The JanDY Online Survey System, Matthew Johnson, Joshua Kamstra, and Michael Henley


The Complexity of Pebbling in Diameter Two Graphs, Timothy Lewis, Daniel Simpson, and Sam Taggart


Graph Games: Human Computing Games to Solve Graph Problems, Hsiang Lin and Russell Zinn

Submissions from 2011


Graph Games: A Human Computing Game Framework, Ryan Alfuth, Matt Jara, Jeff Largent, and Dan Simpson


The Model SEED Plug-in for Viewing and Editing Metabolic Models, Benjamin Bockstege and Nicholas Hazekamp

Testing The Limits of Security on Android Devices, Daniel Lee

Lente: Stretching The Limits Of Handheld Devices, Erik Westenbroek and Allison Hamann