Submissions from 2012

International Perceptions of Impact of Global Communication, Jasmine Harris and Brittni Nowicki

Submissions from 2011

The Effects of Religious Involvement on Hope College Freshmen’s Sense of Connection to the College Community, Kylen Blom, Christopher McGann, and Sarah Jones

The Faces Behind the Furniture: Herman Miller Design Yard Cultural Analysis, Casey Dawson

Disregard for Rules: A Cultural Study of a Student Newspaper Group, Holly J. Evenhouse

Dancing with Advisors: The Co-cultural Experience of a Collegiate Religious Dance Group, Sarah A. Fraser

A Potluck of Personality: Culture of the Distributed Team at a College, Heather Gill

Mountain Men: An Analysis of the Modern Day Mountain Man and Tough Guy TV, Michelle Goris

When the Mindset Matters: A Quantitative Study on Hope College Students’ Recycling Behaviors, Bonnie Jansma, Brittany Konfara, and Alyssa Austin

An Established Culture in a Vibrant Industry, Bryce C. Melchiori

Coaching Communication: Effects of Different Coaching Styles on Athletes, Lindy Melville, Patrick Robey, Kenichiro Kawakami, and Ben Lemmen

You Are in My Space, but That’s Okay: Sustaining an Innovative Culture in the Workplace, Ayanfe Olonade

Communicating Culture: Perceptions of Global Communication, Julia Peterson and Alison Bernard

What Determines Classroom Participation? Effects of Gender, Class Rank, Class Structure, and Personality, Erica Toren, Kellie Cochrane, and Robert “Cody” Ells

The Role of Communication Technology in Patient-Physician Relationships: Technology Violating Immediacy Expectations, Kevin Watson