H11-1800.10. Kleinjans, Everett (1919-2012). Papers, 1981. 0.25 linear ft.


Hope College

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Hope College class of 1943 and native of Zeeland, Michigan, and missionary to China (1948-1950) and Japan (1951-1966). Received the Hope College Alumni Award in 1976. After leaving Japan, he went to the East-West Center (EWC) in 1967 as deputy chancellor of academic affairs. He served as EWC chancellor from 1968-1974, president from 1975-1980, and honorary research scholar until his retirement in 1981. Kleinjans was a linguist and taught in pre-communist China and in Japan, where he served as dean and academic vice-president at the International Christian University before joining EWC. Under his leadership, EWC developed problem-oriented institutes that brought researchers together to work on Communications, Culture Learning, Food, Population, and Technology and Development. In 1975, he steered EWC through the incorporation process that separated EWC from the University of Hawaii, a period fraught with political, social, and emotional tension and documented in his monograph, The Search for Understanding (1981). In 2006, Kleinjans returned to the U.S. after 12 years of living and working in Cambodia. The collection contains his 1981 manuscript, Steps Into One World: Advanced International Learning, the book The Search for Understanding: A Plan for the Development at the East-West Center (1981), biographical information on him and his wife Edith (Klaaren) Kleinjans, and correspondence with provost David Maker concerning his time as an honorary research scholar at Hope College, 1981-1982.


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