H99-1358. Kennedy, James C. Papers, 1997-2005. 0.25 linear ft. PARTIALLY RESTRICTED


Hope College

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Hope College faculty member and fellow at the A. C. Van Raalte Institute for Historical Research. Collection includes biographical information, personnel file (RESTRICTED) and some of his writings which include "The Dutch are Mistaken: The Spirit of the Age is not Inescapable," 1997; "The Problem of Kuyper’s Legacy: The Crisis of the Anti-Revolutionary’s Party in Postwar Holland," 1998; "Dutch Investment Mania? Not Yet," n.d.; "The Soul of Christian Higher Education," 1998; the report (with Dr. Carol Simon) "A Contested Past: The Role of Religion in Hope College’s History, 1945-1987," and brief biographical sketches of selected persons who are mentioned in the book written by Kennedy and Simon entitled Can Hope Endure?


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