H88-0002. Jalving, Clarence L. (1895-1985). Papers, 1913, 1952. 0.50 linear ft.


Hope College

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Hope Prep School class of 1913; past president of the Holland Chamber of Commerce (1940-1945), Peoples State Bank (1933-1966), and first president of the Holland Economic Development Corporation (HEDCOR); Tulip Time Town Crier; prominent translator of Dutch into English in Holland, Michigan. Contains biographical information and English translations of three novels by Pieter Risseeuw: Freedom and Food, The Howling Wilderness, and The Fight for Victory. The novels concern the Secession movement of 1834 and immigration to Holland, Michigan. Photograph album of Clarence Jalving, including Western Seminary and candid photographs of Hope College and Prep School class of 1913. Genealogy of Dr. Albertus Christiaan Van Raalte family (Oversize).


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