H04-1520.50. Hampton, George W. (1830-1903). Papers, 1864-1865. 1 folder.


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George W. Hampton was a cooper when he enlisted in the Union Army, Company C, 13th Infantry Regiment 1861 during the Civil War. He served from 1862, 1864-1865. He marched with General Sherman and kept a diary during that time. Upon his discharge he was granted a bonus which included Section 22 of Ganges Township, Allegan County, Michigan. There he farmed, served as the superintendent of the Ganges school district including Belknap, Darling, and Reid schools, and sold farms and built houses for settlers. Collection includes a photocopy of the original 20-page diary and a transcription of the diary and photographic copies in the publication "A Civil War Soldier’s Diary: Pvt. George W. Hampton, Michigan 13th Regiment, Union Army, 1864-1865," assembled by great grandson Charles "Bud" Palmer in 2000. (H)


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