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Includes cassette recordings of programs, correspondence, financial information, bulletins, newspaper clippings that document the organization and growth of this area society dedicated to studying and sharing the history of the Holland area. Addresses include: Elton J. Bruins, “Where are we Going?” (1990); Norman J. Kansfield, “Dearie, Do You Remember?” (1980) (outline); Jerry Schoup, “Heinz in Holland for 100 Years” (1996); Robert Swierenga, “Decisions, Decisions: Turning Points in Van Raalte’s Founding of Holland” (1997); Helena Winter, “Our Petticoated Pioneers, 1850-1930” (1992) (includes audiotape cassette). Audiotape cassettes addresses include: Arthur Tazelaar, “Pearl Harbor: A day in infamy” (1991); Hero Bratt, Elton Bruins, Neal Berghoef, “U.S. invades Russia: The Polar Bears” (1992); C. Warren Vander Hill, “Holland Furnace” (1992); Lupita Reyes, “Holland’s Ethnic Diversity” (1993); Eugene Osterhaven, “Van Raalte and the Church” (1993); Greg Holcombe, “Downtown Development” (1993); Elton Bruins, “A. C. Van Raalte” (1994); Mrs. Jack Gruber (1994); “World War II memories” (1994); “Drenthe: hotbed of controversy” (1995); “Hope-Calvin game history” (1995); “Alumni Recollections” (1995); “Anne Frank Exhibit” (1995); Donald vanReken, “Holland Railroad” (1995); “History through the eyes of faith” (1995); Dr. Jerry Schoup, “Heinz in Holland” (1996); Julie Dennie, Tom De Pree, Larry Wagenaar, “Ottawa County Political History” (1996); Paul Fried, “War Crime Trials at Nuremberg” (1996); Susan Sleeper-Smith, “Native American Society on the 19th Century Midwestern Frontier” (1997); Robert Swierenga, “Decisions, Decisions: Turning Points in Van Raalte’s Founding of Holland” (1997); Jim Winslow, “Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad: 150 Years of the Pennsylvania Railroad” (1997); Juke Van Oss, “WHTC and Early Holland Radio” (1997); Leo Martonosi, “Vignettes in Holland Sports History” (1998); Dr. Brad Bengtson, “Is it Worse Than the Wound? Civil War Surgery” (1998); Elton Bruins and Michael De Vries, “Family Feud: The RCA/CRC Split” (1999); Chris Smith, “History of Chris-Craft in Holland” (1999); Ken Pott, “Lake Michigan Shipwrecks & the New Underwater Preserve” (1999): Louis Hallacy III, “Holland Explodes” (1999) (includes PowerPoint printout and CD Rom); John Vander Veen, Jim Heerspink, “Washington Square History” (1999); Geoffrey Reynolds, “Maritime History of Holland” (2000); Robert Vande Vusse, “Pere Marquette Celebrates a Century” (2000); Paul Trap-Moderator, William Lamb, William Sikkel, Phil Tanis, Al McGeehan, “Holland Mayor Reunion” (2000); Leslie Lampen, Judy Elenbaas, “Value of Antiques” (2000); Paul Trap, “Cannibal from Grand Haven” (Charles Langlade) (2001); Mike Lozon, “History of Bil Mar Foods (2001); Henry Vander Linde, Holland American Legion Band (2001); Robert Swierenga, Dutch Chicago (2002); Paul Trap, Building the County’s First Railroad (Ottawa County) (2002); Richard Harms, Black/African-American Baseball in Grand Rapids (2002); Vic and Craig Kleinheksel, “The Funeral Trade in the Holland, Michigan Area” (2002); Elton Bruins, “Rise and Demise of the A. C. Van Raalte Home (2002); Quest for the Chicora, Michigan Shipwreck Research Associates, (2003); Mark Brower, “Serving the Needy: Social Service Agencies in Holland” (2003); Rev. Wayne Brouwer, “German and Reformed: Another Slice of Migration to 19th Century America” [Ostfries, Bentheimers] (2003); Harold Kuipers, “Lost City of Port Sheldon” (2003); Elton Bruins, “History of the Ben Van Raalte Farm and Family, Elton Bruins,” (2004); Dr. Gordon Van Wylen, “Reflections on an Encounter at Sea” (sinking of the Nataori Lightcruiser by the submarine U.S.S. Hardhead during World War Two) (2004); Battle of Tebbs Bend, Terry Vande Water, 11/9/2004; “Ferris Wheels and Summer Breezes: The History of Jenison Park, Geoffrey Reynolds and Lois Jesiek Kayes, 3/8/2005; “A Quarter Century of Historical Preservation in Holland, Michigan, Elton Bruins, 11/8/2005 (includes PowerPoint presentation CD and outline); “The Weakest Link: Lake Michigan Cross-Lake Service from Grand Haven: Detroit & Milwaukee Railway and Successors,” Paul Trap, 2/14/2006 (CD of PowerPoint presentation); “The History of the De Graaf Nature Center,” Robert Venner, 3/14/2006;“Getting Political in Holland,” Dr. Robert Swierenga, 4/11/2006 (CD of PowerPoint presentation); “West Michigan Interurbans and Chicago Steam Boats,” Dr. Carl Bajema and David Kindem;“Graafschap CRC: Zion in the Wilderness,” Janet Sheeres, 04/10/2007; “Van Raalte’s First Emigrants,”Dr. Henry ten Hoor (10/09/2007); History of Holland Banking, Dr. Steve Vander Veen (01/08/2008);“Holland Community Hospital History with Tim Breed, Dr. Vern Boersma, Dr. VanderVliet, Beverly Mulder, RN (03/11/2008);“Tulip Time Treasures” by Randy Vande Water (04/08/2008); “Land Conservation in West Michigan, Peter Homeyer (10/14/2008); “History of the Holland Fire Department [eight large fires at Vogelzang Hardware explosion and fire at Washington Square, Texas Company Gasoline Storage Terminal, South American steamship fire at Montello Park docks, Macatawa Park cottages and incline railway (Angel’s Flight)] (includes speaker’s outline); and “The History of the Grand River” by Kit Lane (03/10/2009), “Civil War Soldiers from Holland, Michigan” (04/14/2009); “Holland 2010 Strategic Plan” by Soren Wolff and Jack Marquis (01/12/2010) (Marquis’ PowerPoint presentation CD only); “History of WHTC Radio” by Juke Van Oss (02/09/2010) (includes written presentation); “Nelis Family History” (10/12/2010) (digital PowerPoint presentation);“Cappy Cappon Chronicles” with Randy Vande Water (04/10/2012) (written presentation only). DVDs include: “What Made Holland, Holland: An Historical Overview” by Dr. Robert Swierenga (01/08/2013); “Shipwrecks of Muskegon County” by Craig Rich (03/12/2013); and Scenes from Holland’s Sites & Sights” by Randy Vande Water (04/09/2013). Videocassettes include: The city celebrates 125 years”; Women in Holland’s History”; and “Latinos in Holland: Three Generations in Perspective” (Becky Arenas, Laura Gomez Thomas, Celia Martinez de Serrano, Angie Fowler, 2003).


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