W10-1380. Luidens Family. Papers. 1.75 linear ft.

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The collection contains hardcopy, 16mm films, and digital copies of “Arabian Days: Christian Missions Among the Arabs in Bahrain” with Edwin Luidens, ca. 1957 (16mm film, 500 feet) (2 reels); “A Service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving for the Life of Dorothy Firman Van Ess (1885-1975) (hard copy); “Rev. Luidens in Bahrain, 1947” (16mm film, 500 feet); “A Tale of Two Cities: Iraq-Amara and Basra, n.d. (16 mm film, 800 feet); Untitled, n.d. (16mm film, 900 feet); audiotape cassette of Roger Stauffer, “History of Protestant Fellowship in Saudi Arabia”, n.d. (digital copy available); audiotape reel-to-reel “Radio Voice of the Gospel” (sample tape, English version, 2.5”) (digital copy available); and 13 78 r.p.m. records of recording from the Luidens family members in Holland, Michigan, to the Luidens family in Middle East (digital copy available).


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