H07-1640.51. Zomer, Henk. Papers, 2007. 1 folder.


Hope College

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Oral history transcript from Hillegonda Reyenga [Reijenga]-Zomer (1895- ) held in the Oral History Project, Museum Services Division, Statue of Liberty-National Monument, Liberty Island New York., concerning her early life in the Netherlands, her husband’s early career as a grocer unhappy with the Dutch army and government, their 1920 emigration to the United States aboard the Rijndam with her husband, John, and his 10-year old son, Richard, and their son Henry, who was fourth months old at the time. She includes memories of their voyage from the Netherlands, arriving in New York City and seeing the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, meeting the Kuiper family (Hank, Frank, Einer, Fred), her time working on her in-laws Racine, Wisconsin, farm, their rented Franksville, Wisconsin, farm, working for Jim Schilstra, the Christian Reformed Church in Racine, marriage of James Zomer to Grace Post, working at the Horlick milk factory, raising and losing cattle, Gerret [Gerrit] Friesema, farming in Develan, Wisconsin, working as a nurse in Lake Geneva, and her many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. (Z)


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