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The Hope College Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) was organized in 1878. In 1901, the Hope College Young Woman’s Christian Association (YWCA) was organized. These two organizations sponsored most of the social and religious activities of the college for many years. They conducted Bible and mission study classes, and conducted Sunday school classes for residents of rural areas around Holland. In 1961, the Ys became the Student Christian Association (SCA). In 1966, the SCA was disbanded and replaced by the Student Christian Coordinating Committee. This collection contains minute books for the YMCA dating back as far as 1884, and for the YWCA dating back as far as 1901. Unfortunately, some minute books are missing, and at least one is disorganized, with minutes from a later period proceeding minutes from an earlier period. There is some correspondence and reports of activities from 1883-1960. Unfortunately, most of this material did not survive. The activities folders contain some listings of topics and programs as well as cards with the Hope YW Girl’s Creed and the Purpose of YWCA. The collection contains photographs of the Ys Holland area Sunday school programs in 1925, a revised YMCA constitution from 1937, and materials from the deputation program from the late 1940s. Some of the correspondence from 1947-1960 is about the deputation program. Schedules and programs for the annual variously named Prayer Week or Religious Emphasis Week or Spiritual Life Week for 1916-1917, 1930-1937, 1940-1941, 1945-1959 and 1961-1964 are in the collection. Several issues of the Ys Publication Y-Fore from 1936-1951 are in the collection. The collection will not be enough to provide a full history of the Ys at Hope College. Researchers who wish to learn more about the Ys at Hope will also need to search Hope College publications such as the Hope College Anchor.


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