H88-0004.20. Van Nederynen, Gijsbertus (Albert). Papers, 1913-1923. 0.25 linear ft.


Hope College

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Hope College Preparatory School graduate class of 1917 and Hope College graduate class of 1923. Collection includes his Hope College memory book/scrapbook, which includes many photographs of Hope College and the Holland, Michigan, area: railroad bridge, Meliphone Society banquets (1914 and 1915), Meliphone Society initiation, Hope College Preparatory School gym class (1912), boating on Lake Macatawa (then Black Lake), bathers at Macatawa Park, Castle Park, The Pull (1913, 1915), Meliphone Society Stag Party (1915), Hog-Tie Contest (1916), Eighth Street (8th Street) scene, Memorial Day parade (1915), mill factory scene (1915), sailboat frozen in ice of Black Lake, dorm room scenes, Hope College Basketball Team schedule (1915-1916), Meliphone Society banquet program and photographs (1916), tennis courts, College Avenue businesses on west side of street between 9th and 8th Streets, River Avenue businesses on west side of street between 8th and 9th streets, debate parade, Cosmopolitan Society annual banquet program (1916), Fraternal Society annual banquet program (1916), Hope College academic procession program and photographs near Centennial Park (semi-centennial) (1916), preparatory school graduation program and class (1916), unidentified restaurants’ interiors, Twelfth Street Floral Shop, camping scenes, freshman basketball team (1916-1917), The Pull (1917).


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