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RCA Minister. A. B.,Calvin College; M. Div. Western Theological Seminary. Member of the Hope College Board of Trustees. Served on numerous committees of the RCA; was co-chairman of the Church Development Fund and consultant on the Plan of Union with the Presbyterian Church of the U. S. The collection consists of papers and materials on discussions of the merger of the Reformed Church with the southern Presbyterian church, 1965-1969; Churchmen for RCA-PCUS Union, 1967-1968; Reformed Church Development Fund, 1966-1967; Particular Synod of Michigan expansion committee on the development of the University Reformed Church, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1962-1965; the Reformed Church and the National Council of Churches, 1967-1968; the liturgy commission of the Reformed Church, 1961-1966; Hope College Board of Trustees, 1967-1969; and General Program Council of the Reformed Church, 1967-1969. Correspondents include C. P. Dame, Norman E. Thomas, R. C. Oudersluys, and G. T. Vander Lugt. Also represented are the proceeding books of General Program Council meetings, 1968-1969.


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