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Minister of the RCA and member of the Committee on Judicial Business of the Reformed Church. Materials include correspondence with church leaders on a wide variety of subjects: divorce; Albertus Pieters’ views on the Heidelberg Catechism; membership of the Reformed Church in the Federal Council of Churches; baptism and liturgy; and various items that came before the Committee on Judicial Business. Correspondents include Roswell P. Barnes, Henry Bast, John W. Beardslee, Jr., Willard Dayton Brown, Donald J. Bruggink, Samuel McCrae Cavert, William Goulooze, Leonard Greenway, Howard G. Hageman, John F. Hiemstra, James E. Hoffman, Irwin J. Lubbers, John R. Mulder, Leroy Nixon, M. Verne Oggel, Albertus Pieters, Theodore Schaap, Luman J. Shafer, Charles P. Taft, Gerrit T. Vander Lugt, Arnold J. Van Lummel, Marion de Velder, and Charles J. Wissink.


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