H03-1509.50. Szekely Corporation (1926-1932). Papers, 1965, 2008. 1 folder.


Hope College

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Producer of piston rings, radial aircraft engines (Sky Roamer) and aircraft (Flying Dutchman), 1926-1932. Collection includes a laminated drawing of SP-75 engine for O. E. Szekely & Associates, Inc. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; research information provided by the son of William J. Heaslip, including a 1929 illustration of the “The Flying Dutchman, A One-Place Open Cockpit High Wing Monoplane”; an original blue print of the Flying Dutchman Monoplane (1928); color laser copies of advertisements from the 1930 New York Aviation Show; photocopies of correspondence from the Aviation Holding Company of Holland, Michigan in 1935, instruction book for the Szekely Aircraft Engines and Replacement Parts, and a digital version of an undated Szekely Aircraft & Engine Company brochure. (Oversize-S)


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