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Willem Roon was native of the Netherlands and resident of Zeeland, Michigan, when he became a soldier on December 1, 1862, along with seven other men from Zeeland, Michigan, volunteered and joined the Michigan 9th Cavalry regiment. The regiment trained at Coldwater, Michigan, and saw action in Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee against the famous raiders of the Confederate John Hunt Morgan. Roon died of disease in Knoxville,Tennessee, on April 3, 1864. The regiment continued through Georgia with General Sherman and was disbanded in 1865. The other seven Zeeland cavalrymen came home safely. This collection contains photocopies, transcriptions and translations, and originals of the Civil War letters of Willem Roon. Also includes letters of Jacob Roon, Stoffel Kaslander, Jan Vogel, and Martinnes Foppe. Correspondence is divided into two sections: letters from Willem Roon are in section 1, and other contemporary letters are in section 2. Also includes information on other members of the 9th Michigan Cavalry: Jan Beaukamp, Hermanus (Manus) Gezon, Mason Streeter, Jurrien (Juri) Hoekstra, Roelof Strik, and Yallow Defries. Relevant persons include Pieter and Ariaantje Roon, Anna de Vree, W. van Loo, Douwe Bouma, P. Peesk, P. Hoekstra. Includes materials from descendents of involved parties, John Richard de Witt, and Ruth Tidd. Also contains photographs of Willem Roon, the Roon House in Zeeland, and Roon’s gravestone in Knoxville, Tennessee.


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