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Michigan state senator (1944-1950) and lieutenant governor (1950-1952). Correspondence concerning politics and with local businesses as a leader in the Holland Chamber of Commerce; biographical material, personal correspondence with many well-known individuals, both local and national, like Earnest Brooks, W. A. Butler, G. J. Diekema, E. D. Dimnent, George Getz, and Willard Wichers; records and correspondence from the various companies and officials with which he was associated, such as the Sugar Beet Factory, Benjamin Hanchett, Holland Furnace Company, and Parke Davis and Company; political material including local, state senate, lieutenant governor, and his unsuccessful campaign for governor in 1952, as well as his connections with many national political personalities throughout his lifetime, such as Gerald R. Ford, Jr., Rep. Bartel Jonkman, Rep. Carl Mapes, Sen. Arthur Vanden Berg, Gov. Harry F. Kelly, Gov. Kim Sigler, Gov. G. Mennen Williams, and Sen. Homer Ferguson; corporation record books from the Wolverine Advertising Company and the VandenBerg Brothers Oil Company.


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