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After serving in the U.S. Army, Peterman went on to receive degrees from Central College (AB, 1951), Western Theological Seminary (WTS) (BD, 1954), and San Francisco Theological Seminary (STD, 1971). The Classis of Passaic ordained him in 1954. He was a guest lecturer of liturgies and homiletics at WTS. He served on the Board of Trustees at WTS and Central College and various denominational committees of the Reformed Church in America. As a pastor, Peterman served at People’s Park in Paterson, New Jersey (1954-1956), Second Reformed Church in Wyckoff, New York (1956-1960), First Reformed Church in Pella, Iowa (1960-1966), as senior pastor at Hope Reformed Church in Holland, Michigan (1966-1976), and Neshanic Reformed Church in Neshanic, New Jersey (1977 to 1993). Collection consists of articles, sermons, a Hellenbroek Catechism and historical sketch of the RCA; a manuscript on the Classis of Paramus; correspondence, materials, and pamphlets on the William Coventry case in the Classis of Passaic, 1958-1959; correspondence dealing with his work as moderator of the Reformed Church, Newton, Iowa; papers, by-laws and agendas of board meetings of Western Theological Seminary, 1962-1967; agendas and papers of board meetings, Central College, Pella, Iowa, 1961-1965.


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