H88-1432.20. Orphan House (1849-1889). Records, 1849-1966. 1 folder.


Hope College

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Originally constructed by Messrs. C. Hofman and Kramer to house the orphans of the new kolonie (colonie) it was never used for this purposed as all of the orphans were adopted into other families. For a time it was used by Walter T. Taylor as a school, until in 1857, it was used to house the Holland Academy until the construction of the new Van Vleck Hall was completed. After the Holland Academy vacated the building, it was used again as a parochial school, as well as a voting station for Holland Township voters. Beginning in 1863, it was used as the Printing House for the publishing of the Dutch language newspaper De Hope and other jobs under the name De Hope Publishing Company until moving to a new location, now the site of Graves Hall. From that time on, it was used for storage until it burned on March 26, 1889. Collection contains published articles on its history and specifics on its construction in June 1849. (O)


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