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The collection consists mainly of the “American” letters of the eight children of Johannes Pieter Oggel and his wife Adriana de Pree Oggel, who immigrated to America in 1855 and 1856: Johannes P. Oggel (1828-1914), Rev. Pieter J. Oggel (1829-1869), Dirk C. Oggel (1832-1900), Marinus J. Oggel (1838-1910), Dena Maria Oggel Welle (1840-1930), Rev. Engelbert C. Oggel (1841-1910), Hendrik P. Oggel (1844-1926), and Jacobus M. Oggel (1839-1926). Johannes, Dirk, Marinus and Hendrik left for America on April 28, 1855, and Pieter, Jacobus, Dena and Engelbert departed on April 29, 1856, for America. The letters are written to their stepmother, Krina van Zuinjen Oggel who was married to their father, Johannes P. Oggel, after the death of their mother, Adrianna (1845); to their half-brother, Dingeman Jacobus; or half-sister, Maria, who married J. M. Wieland, both of whom remained in the home village of Axel, Zeeland, the Netherlands. The father, Johannes Pieter Oggel, died in 1856. Almost all of the letters are in Dutch; translations have been made (2 copies). Dutch Immigrant Collection (Wisconsin). Copies of letters in Dutch, by settlers in Wisconsin to relatives in the Netherlands. (Dutch/English)


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