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Egbert H. Gold, tycoon of the Vapor Car Heating Company of Chicago and New York, established Marigold Lodge in 1913. The cottage, located at Point Superior on Black Lake (Lake Macatawa), was designed by the firm of Tallmadge and Watson,Chicago, and executed by contractor H. M. Deam. The beautifully realized buildings and grounds, added to the National and State Registries of Historic Sites in 1984, were donated to Hope College in 1969 and sold to Herman Miller, Inc., in 1978. The Gold family is further notable for Mary Jayne Gold’s WW II involvement (with Varian Fry) in aiding European Jews to emigrate and to escape Nazi persecution. The collection includes photographs, journals, and correspondence relating to Marigold Lodge and the Gold family; the lodge library list; plans and blueprints for a greenhouse; a 1915 assessment of Egbert H. Gold’s health that is a remarkable look at medicine in the nation’s post-Progressive age; a 16mm film of Samuel (Dick) and Bunny Gold’s wedding; and family obituaries and the memorial service speech and will for Mary Jayne Gold. There is also the lodge dedication speech (1985), pictorial guidebooks, and recent articles. Lastly, the collection contains two books: the autobiography of Mikhail Thorgevsky, Margaret Gold’s second husband; and Mary Jayne Gold’s memoir of her wartime efforts.


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