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Minister of the RCA; first professor of Theology at New Brunswick Theological Seminary, 1784-1825. John Henry Livingston was born atPoughkeepsie,New York, in 1746. He received his A.B. in 1762 at age 16, and his A.M. fromYaleCollegein 1765. He also received a D.D. from the university atUtrechtin 1770; licensed by Classis of Amsterdam 1769. Called “The Father of the Reformed Church inAmerica” partly as he was only the second to preach in English. Chaplain of Provincial Congress, 1775. Ministered to Collegiate Church of New York City 1770-1810, though during the Revolutionary War he was “exiled” toKingston, Albany Manor,Poughkeepsieand Red Hook. Vice-president of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel among the American Indians. President ofQueensCollegeand Professor of Theology from 1810 to his death in 1825. Materials include handwritten notes of Livingston’s “Lectures on Natural and Revealed Theology” by B. Hugg, 1815-17, in four volumes; broadside proposing the publication of Livingston's memoirs by Alexander Gunn, 1829; and a copy of a letter warning against Hopkinsianism. Scattered letters to brother Gilbert Livingston, Edward Westerlo, and Robert Livingston, discussing family matters, legal business and provisions of a will. One important letter (to Robert Livingston, 1977) details his attitude about church and state relationships.


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