W88-0064. Klein, Hendrik Georg (1793-1883). Papers, 1839-1883. 0.25 linear ft.

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Also seen as Klyn or Klijn. Minister of the Reformed Church in America serving congregations at Graafschap, Michigan (1851-1852), Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Franklin, Wisconsin (1852-1853), Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1853-1854), Second Reformed Church of Grand Rapids, Michigan (1954-1857) and First Reformed Church of Chicago, Illinois (1862-1868). He passed away on December 1, 1883. The collection contains a letter to Graafschap Christian Reformed Church in 1857 repenting of his leaving the Reformed Church in the Secession of 1857 (English translation of the letter by Albertus Pieters) and a record book of his sermon texts, 1839-1883 (Dutch).


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