W88-0025.30. De Bey (De Beij), Bernardus (1816-1894). Papers, 1866-2001. 0.25 linear ft.

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Bernardus De Beij was born in the province of Drenthe in the Netherlands on October 10, 1816. He served as a minister Middelstum, in the province of Groningen, the Netherlands, for twenty-four years, before he came to the United States in 1868 to serve a Dutch congregation at First Reformed Church of Chicago, Illinois, and served there until 1891, when retired. He passed away in the Englewood community of Chicago, Illinois, on February 9, 1894. The collection includes photocopies of original correspondence from De Bey to Rev. P. Lanting, 1866-1883, as well as English some dates that were translated by the late Henry ten Hoor.


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