W04-1249.10. Wisconsin, Oostburg. First Reformed Church. Records, 1886-1955. 1 folder.

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The First Reformed Church of Oostburg, Wisconsin, was organized in 1850. Pastors have included: Koonrad Vander Scheur, 1850-1866; John H. Karsten, 1867-1869; John W. Te Winkle, 1869-1871; John Hoffman, 1874-1881; John H. Karsten, 1883-1884; Wietse Lubach, 1886-1893; John H. Karsten, 1893-1899; John Sietsema, 1900-1904; Anthony Rozendal, 1904-1907; William Beckering, 1907-1911; Henry K. Pasma, 1913-1917; Peter Swart, 1918-1921; Arend T. Laman, 1921-1947; Albert H. Ten Clay, 1948-1955; Lambert Olgers, 1956-1960; Jack O. Boerigter, 1961-1966; Levi W. Akker, 1967-1969; Calvin J. Rynbrandt, 1969-1972; William J. Bouwer, 1973-1989; associate pastor, Albert Van Dyke, 1979-1990; Raymond Tilstra, 1990-2003; co-pastor, Kent E. Vant Hul, 1991-1995; associate pastor, Brian Taylor, 1996- ; Wayne DeVrou, 2004- . The collection contains photocopies of original ledger for baptisms, 1886-1955. (W)


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