H06-1638.71. Holland Evening Sentinel. Newspaper, 1947. 1 folder.


Hope College

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Daily newspaper of the Holland, Michigan, area. The collection contains the 1947 (most likely February 1947), Centennial Edition, which covers topics and is illustrated with subjects such as the 1890 roundhouse fire of the Chicago and Western Michigan Railroad in Holland; De Hope Printing Office (Al Kamferbeek, Ben Kamferbeek, William Klasses, R. Kanters); Armistice Day Parade, 1918; Grand Haven Bridge [River Avenue bridge]; tools/implements of the early pioneers; aerial view of Holland; World War One parade; fire department members, equipment, and station (John Bomers, Ray De Feyter, Lane Kamerling, John Tubergen, Henry Smeenge, Henry De Maat, Fred Smith, Henry Hilbink, Dick Knoll, Louis Koeman, Fred Stratton, Martin Van Der Bie, Abel Smeenge, J. Lievense, Albert Klooster); Last Resort Pool Room and bar (saloon); Rosebud Saloon in 1894; intersection of River Avenue and 8th Street; James Brower residence (John Karreman, Anthony Van Ry, Mrs. Grebel, Mrs. Kruidemier, Mr, Kruidemier, Mrs. Kremer, Hannah Van Ry, Mrs. Zylstra, Mrs. Wykhuizen, Mrs. H. Van Ry, Lena Van Ry (baby); Mrs. James Brower; First Methodist Church and Rev. J. Kenneth Hoffmaster; Prospect Park Christian Reformed Church and Dr. J. Hoogstra; Bethel Reformed Church and Rev. C. A. Stoppels; Fourteenth Christian Reformed Church and Rev. William Van Peursem; Seventh Day Adventist Church and Rev. Earl R. Reynolds, and Immanuel Church (Baptist) and Rev. C. M. Beerthuis. (Oversized Non-Photographic Media Drawer)


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