H09-1683.60. Hillebrands, Anesus J. (ca. 1821-1896). Papers, n.d., 1856-1955. 0.25 linear ft.


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Anesus J. Hillebrands, who came to Michigan from the province of Groningen in the summer of 1848, later moved to Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, but returned to New Groningen, Michigan, in 1859. There he was employed as the teacher for the Old Groningen school district. He was elected clerk for the newly created Holland Township (now Holland Charter Township) in 1867. He served in that position for several years, as well as postmaster and justice of the peace. His wife passed away in 1892, two years before his death in March 1896 at the age of seventy-five. The collection includes biographical material, original correspondence and business transactions (Dutch) to Hillebrands from many people including: W. Adema of Atwood, Antrim County, Michigan; Helena Maria Streug, Montague, Michigan, 1871; J. Noordewier, Lafayette, Indiana, 1878 and 1879; J. C. Groeneve, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1879; J. C. Geus, Oosthuizen, the Netherlands, 1881; J. Noordewier, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1881; C. A. Huyser, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1883, 1887; A. Vander Wall, Cedar Grove, Wisconsin, 1884; H. Van Eyk, Grand View, Douglas County, South Dakota, 1884, 1885; A. Van De Wall, Oostburg, Wisconsin, 1884; L. Duivesleijn, Edmunds County, Dakota, 1885; H. C. Zuijdam, Largus Cembell Cunty, Dakota, 1885; A. Van de Wall, Cedar Grove, Wisconsin, 1885, 1886; L. Bakker, Collendoorn, the Netherlands, 1886; E. Van Den Berge, Xenia, Ohio, 1885; Jacob/Jakob Van Veldhuizen, Orange City, Iowa, 1887; A. Jansen, Roseland, 1889; J. Jabaaij, Numandorp, the Netherlands; W. H. Van Leeuwen, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1889; James F. Zwemer, Holland, Michigan, 1890; Zeyen Vries, Drenthe, 1890; M. W. Minnenga, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1890; J. Westerveld, Alba, Michigan, 1890; A. Johnson/Jansen, Roseland, Illinois, 1891; Hendrick Hillebrands, Groningen, the Netherlands, 1893; J. W. H. Soer, Elburg, the Netherlands, 1893; Sara C. Dekker, Zeeland, Michigan, 1894; and C. and Mrs. Doesburg, Holland, Michigan, 1894. Legal documents concern the following individuals concerning death of relatives, birth certificates, transactions, wills, inheritance matters: Pieter Teyler van der Hulst, n. d, 1875; Jan Dragt and Jacob Wiegus Dragt and wife W. Slagter, 1879; R. Hillebrands shoe and boat factory receipt, 1878; Berend and Hendrik Steiben and Lubbigje Mynheer, 1856; Rev. Jacob Wiegus Dragt, pastor of the church in Advard, 1870. Each piece of correspondence includes English notes on content or full translation.


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