H06-1625.60. Hartgerink, Alexander (1802-1874). Papers, 1845-1982. 1 folder.


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Alexander Hartgerink was the son of Jan and Hendrika Bouwmeester Hartgerink and a native of Geesteren gemeente Borculo, the Netherlands. As a young man, he served as a school teacher. During the religious difficulties that the Netherlands was experiencing at that time, he quit that job and became an extra zealous advocate of the cause of the Separatists through preaching and lecturing. He immigrated to the United States on August 1, 1845, from Goor in the province of Overisel. In 1846, he reported in a letter to Dr. A. C. Van Raalte about the territory that would be eventually settled by the Dutch colonists. In 1847, he became a private in Company C, 4th Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the War with Mexico until being discharged in 1848. On July 1, 1849, he married Jozina De Koeyer and settled on 160 acres of land near Noordeloos, Ottawa County, Michigan. He remained on that 160 acre parcel until moving in with his son-in-law, Van Regenmorter, then the lighthouse keeper, until his death by suicide (drowning) at the south pier on Lake Michigan, at Holland,Michigan, on September 24, 1874. He had just been released from the insane asylum at Kalamazoo, Michigan. The collection includes biographical materials on Alexander Hartgerink and his family and a photocopies of the transcript and translation of a letter mailed from Hartgerink to Rev. Brummelkamp and Rev. A. C. Van Raalte in Arnhem, the Netherlands, concerning the United States and where to settle when they emigrated. (H)


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