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Settlers arrived in America from the Netherlandsas an organized church in 1848. East Overisel Reformed Church (former name) was formed in 1872. A small church was built in 1883, and they worshipped in the new building in 1887. A parsonage was built in 1896. A new church was built and dedicated in 1915. The first English service was conducted in the evening in 1920. The church’s name was changed from East Overisel to Bentheim Reformed Church in 1943. A new church was built and dedicated in 1971. Ministers that served are as follows: William Wolvius, May 1896-November 1898; Jacob Poppen, December 1898-May 1902 and November 1914-November 1917; Foppe Klooster, July 1902-April 1906; Henry E. Tellman, July 1906-April 1911; Herman Van Der Ploeg, July 1911-September 1914; Paul E. A. Schroeder, November 1917-November 1921; Albert H. Strabbing, August 1922-September 1925; Albert Oosterhof, November 1925-September 1934; Anthony Van Harn, April 1935-January 1945; Albert Mansen, September 1945-July 1951; Clarence J. Denekas, August 1952-March 1967; John C. Hanse, November 1967-1991; Ronald J. Ver Wys since 1992. Collection includes bulletins, consistory minutes, financial records, Sunday School records, and photographs.


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