W88-0032.10. De Pree, Peter (Pieter) (1839-1915). Papers, 1862. 1 folder.

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Born in Axel, the Netherlands, on April 17, 1839, to Jan De Pree. He received an A.B. degree from Rutgers College in 1862, a theological degree from New Brunswick Theological Seminary in 1865, and an honorary D.D. from Hope College in 1894. He was licensed by the Classis of Holland in 1865 and ordained by the Classis of Illinois in 1866. He served as a missionary to Pella, Iowa, from 1865-1867. He served as a pastor to Reformed Church in America congregations: Bethel Reformed Church in Pella, Iowa, from 1867-1872; Vriesland, Michigan, from 1872-1882; Fourth Reformed Church of Grand Rapids, Michigan, from 1882-1891; First Reformed Church of Pella, Iowa, from 1891-1898; and Sixth Reformed Church of Grand Rapids, Michigan, from 1898-1903. He died in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on February 3, 1915. The collection includes biographical information and an 1862 New Brunswick,New Jersey, commencement oration entitled “The Leyden Drama.” (Legal-D)


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