H06-1599. Grunst, Robert C. Papers, 1971-2002. 1.00 linear ft.


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Robert C. Grunst is a professor of English in the English Department at the College of St. Catherine (Minneapolis, Minnesota). He received his undergraduate from Western Michigan University and his graduate degrees (M.F.A., M.A.W., Ph.D.) from the University of Iowa. The collection contains information on local fisherman and audiotape cassettes (originals and 2006 copies) containing oral history interviews with commercial fisherman that include: Ray Wiinikka (May 22, 1997); John Karr (October 7, 1994); Albert Razal and Allen Cornell (November 11, 2000); Axel Niemi (July 10, 1993); Melvin “Moe” Gauthier (December 30, 1993)/Louis Cloutier (January 4, 1994); Moe Gauthier (June 28, 1993); Bev Hudson/David Fritz (December 31, 1993) Moe Gauthier (January 5, 1994); Louis Cloutier (January 4, 1994)/Bev Hudson/David Fritz (n.d.); Barb Hubbard and Jack Doyle (1993); Ross Horrall/Clarence Sellman/Robert Sellman (April 2, 1993); Elmer Hansen (Copper City) (n.d.); Norman Hansen (n.d.); David Haataja (1998); Lloyd McCash/Jim McCash/John Maynard (December 30, 2000); Don Ostling et al (October 8, 1994); Ernest “Grub” Jones (June 26, 1994); Howard Killoran (October 8, 1994); Roy and Jenette Rimpela (August 27, 1998); Murray Chambers (March 25, 1993); Murray Chambers (January 4, 1995); Murray Chambers (December 30, 1993/January 3, 1994); Murray Chambers (June 30, 1993); Murray Chambers (January 1, 1993); Murray Chambers (January 1, 1993/January 2, 1993); Murray Chambers (December 28, 1992); Bud Olsen/Gordon Sandberg/? Carlson (Olsen)/Jean Smeltzer (Rodel) and husband (December 29, 1992).

Articles by Robert C. Grunst include: “Skil-e-ga-lee.” The Journal of Beaver Island History 5 (2002): 90-104; “The Geo. D. Sanford, Jr., Coastal Trader-Yacht to Commercial Tug.” Inland Seas 56.1 Spring (2000): 46-63; “Scale-Spangled Apron: A Woman’s Commercial Fishery Experience in Grand Haven, Michigan.” Inland Seas 55.3 Fall (1999): 181-186; “Farsighted Designs: The Fish Tug Johanna and Trends in the Upper Great Lakes Fishery.” Inland Seas 53.3 (1997): 97-108; “Closing Distances: The Collision of the Fish Tugs Sea-Bird and Donna-Marie.” Nor’easter 22.2 March-April (1997): 1-6; “The Swan, The Elk, and the Shark.” Inland Seas 50.1 (1994): 32-38; “A Legacy of Fishing: Bringing the Ritter Bros. Home.” Lake Superior Magazine February-March (1993): 18-23; “Boats, Nets and Rigs: Early Twentieth Century Commercial Fishing on Lake Michigan.” Michigan History 77.4 July-August (1993): 42-45; “A Fish Tug Named Energy.” Inland Seas 41.2 Summer (1985): 82-88; “Details of Passage: The Wm. Carey.” Inland Seas 40.2 Summer (1984): 100-105; “1927.” Anchor News 15.6 November-December (1984): 124-127; “Degrees of Heat: The Leona G.Anchor News 15.1 January-February (1984): 4-8; “On the Record.” The Fisherman 32.5 (1980): 5, 16; “The Past and Future: In the Present.” The Fisherman 34.5 [unknown date]: 10-11, 13; “The Good Years Before the Tragedy.” The Fisherman [unknown volume, number date]: 5, 16; “The Ghost of Portage Entry.” The Fisherman [unknown volume, number, date]: 18; “Armis Sarkela, Last of the Roller Fisherman.” The Fisherman [unknown volume, number, date]: 7, 18; “In the Days of Iron Men and Wooden Boats.” The Fisherman [unknown volume, number, date]: 7, 18, 22; “Looking Back to the Lake Superior Herring Fishery.” The Fisherman [unknown volume, number, date]: 7-8, 17, “From Cypress to Steel with the Lasanen Family.” The Fisherman [unknown volume, number, date]: 5, 11; “Three Generations on the Search.” The Fisherman [unknown volume, number, date]: 9, 15, 17. Michigan State University has the complete run of The Fisherman on microfiche. Digital photographs include many local commercial fishing tugs like the J.R. Chambers, Hustler, Mary Lou, Silver Star, Shirley B., and commercial fisherman Robert Grunst, Murray “Munn” Chambers, Steve Tornorvish, Scott Slenk, L. Gordy Sluis, Jack Sewers, Gary Diepenhorst, Hank Busscher, and Pete Harden. The collection also contains two log books by Allen “Allie” Tornovish from the fish tug Silver Star, homeport Holland, Michigan, 1965 and 1968.


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