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The First Reformed Church of Jamestown was founded in September 1869 with a charter membership of 18 communicants who had been meeting for some years as a Sunday School in the local school building. The first church structure (36x50 ft.) was dedicated on December 17, 1873, and followed by the first parsonage in 1875. On December 14, 1932, the name of the church was officially changed to Forest Grove Reformed Church. June 1, 1943, marked the first time all services were conducted in the English language. A new church building was dedicated in August 1970 that included a 600-seat sanctuary, study, church office, consistory room, fellowship lounge, large basement auditorium, library, kitchen, and sixteen classrooms at a cost of $325,000. Pastors of the church included: John Vander Meulen (June 1875-January 1885), William Wormser (June 1886-1890), C. C. A. L. John (1890-1892), B. W. Lamers (November 1892-1903), P. P. Chef (1905-1910), M. E. Broekstra (1911-1914), Nicholas Boer (August 1915-September 1918), Gradus Vander Linden (July 1919-September 1923), Harry J. Hager (June 1924-June 1926), Jacob Prins (June 1927-July 1929), John Wolterink (January 1930-1950), Jack Van Dyken (1951-May 1958), Jacob Prins (September 1959-January 1966), Edward Grant (June 1967-1972), Edward Veldhuizen (1974-1985), Calvin Vande Zande (1985-1990), Albert Mansen (calling pastor) (1976-2000), Blaine C. Newhouse (1986-1994), James Ikerd (1994-present), John Zwyghuizen (calling pastor) (2000-2004), Clarence Liang (calling pastor) (2004-present).

The collection includes consistory minutes ledgers, 1869-1918 (Dutch/English) and membership ledgers, 1869-1948 (Dutch/English). The consistory minutes have been translated into English from the original Dutch. See also the Hudsonville, Michigan-Forest Grove Reformed Church topical file under Church Files which includes anniversary booklets (A Birds Eye View of the Village of Forest Grove, Mich. 1908) and clippings.


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