H88-1664.40. Elder, Robert E. (1942- ). Papers, 1972-2002. 0.25 linear ft. PARTIALLY RESTRICTED


Hope College

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Hope College political science professor (assistant 1969-1973, associate 1973-1984, professor 1984-2002). Elder received degrees from Colgate University (B.A., 1964) and Duke University (M.A, 1967 and Ph.D., 1971). He helped establish the May Term in Washington program in the early 1970s and the Hope Washington Honors Semester in 1976. His work was focused on United States presidents and foreign policy, world economic issues and politics, which resulted in the writing of two books: along with Dr. Michael J. Engelhardt and Dr. Jack Holmes, U.S. Government: Fundamentals and Alternative Viewpoints (1987); and American Government: Essentials and Perspectives (1991, 1994, 1997). He also focused on family planning in India, which resulted in many presentations, journal articles and a book, Development Administration in a North Indian State: The Family Planning Program in Uttar Pradesh (1972). He was awarded a Fulbright grant in 1993 to teach and conduct research in Sri Lanka. Elder retired from Hope College in 2002. The collection contains biographical information (one of two folders is RESTRICTED), book reviews, and a paper presented to a Latino (Hispanic) community seminar, “Knowledge and Political Power” (1976) and a paper delivered by Dr. Jack E. Holmes and Elder at 1986 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association titled “Our Best and Worst Presidents: Some Possible Reasons for Perceived Performance.”


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