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John Vander Broek was born on December 1, 1888, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He attended the Preparatory School at Hope College from 1909-1915 and graduated from Hope College in 1917. He married Gertrude Christine Keppel on November 12, 1919. Vander Broek was the owner and manager of T. Keppel’s Sons Co. in Holland, Michigan, for forty-five years. Gertrude Keppel was a granddaughter of Albertus C. Van Raalte. Vander Broek died on August 19, 1962. The collection consists mainly of an extensive collection of photographs that include The Pull, early sports (basketball, football, cross country), beach fires, camping, lakeshore, campus buildings (Voorhees, Graves, Van Vleck), Cosmopolitan Fraternity, Lakewood Farm, Macatawa Resort, Castle Park, trains, train wreck, fire of 1922, and Eighth Street among others. There are a few family photographs, as well as some Van Raalte family materials.


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