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Minister in the Reformed Church in America from 1887-1929, and associate editor of De Hope. The collection includes articles on the founding of Classis Holland, secession movements, the union of the Classis of Holland with the Reformed Church in America, character and condition of the pioneers, as well as Van Eyck’s Book and the Secession Movements. The collection also contains biographical information, three historical sketches on the history of Vriesland, the immigration of Vriesland, and the religious development of Vriesland, all in Dutch. One piece of correspondence, a letter to De Jonge from Jan Elsma, (Dutch); note cards concerning the biographical information about the pastors of the First Reformed Church of Grand Haven, 1852-1897, information about the history of the RCA from 1602-1850, and records of first births, baptisms, marriages, and schools in Vriesland are also included.


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