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The Critical Issues Symposium has been designed to stimulate serious thinking about current issues, and to provide a forum in which the Holland community, students, and faculty may both be informed by and dialogue with experts. Contains correspondence, posters, publicity, memoranda and minutes relating to past symposiums that covered the Middle East, world hunger, the family, energy, civil rights, Christian voices, the environment, sport and American life, and science and its place. The collection also contains the analog and digital audio and digital recordings of some years, the 1995 symposium “The Role of Liberal Arts Education in a Changing World” with speakers James Herrick, Howard Figler, Charles Green, J. Kermit Campbell, and Marylin Stocker; Allan Johnson’s keynote address, "Listening to Heretics: Patriarchy, Feminism and Faith." from October 6, 1998 (DVD); 2011 keynote speakers Reza Aslan (DVD) and Asma Barlas (DVD); 2012 keynote speaker Mark Charles (DVD), and Panel Discussion (DVD). Videotape cassettes of other presentations are available in the Videotape Cassette Collection.


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