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The Cosmopolitan Fraternity (Phi Kappa Alpha) was founded at Hope College in 1890 based on the principles of friendship, truth, and progress. It has the distinction of being the oldest fraternity, originally a literary society, founded on the Hope College campus. Fraternity members have included Dr. Irwin J. Lubbers, Dr. J. H. Kleinheksel, Professor A. J. Timmer, coach A. W. Vanderbush, Dr. Gerrit Van Zyl, Dr. H. Voogd, Professor Dale De Witt, Jerry Kruyf, Dr. Paul Fried (honorary), and Dr. Harold Englund (honorary). The collection is arranged alphabetically by subject and includes an anniversary booklet, Rush event calendars, Rush events, constitutions, correspondence, songs, newsletters, photographs of homecoming, the Pull, their house, and members.


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