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The collection includes press releases, newspaper clippings, videotape cassettes (VHS) (2001, 2003), compact disc (CD) recordings, and programs for the commencement and baccalaureate services held each spring at Hope College since 1866, including the Preparatory Department. Bound volumes contain typed presentation statements given with the presentation of honorary degrees, prizes, and awards (1909-1989). The names of recipients are also furnished. Additionally, copies of the Remembrancer, a booklet published in 1866 as a memorial to the first inauguration and commencement, are included. There is a one-minute film with color, but no sound. There is a baccalaureate sermon given by Rev. Samuel M. Zwemer (1920). There are commencement addresses given by the following: Charles Malik (1953), David Myers (1974), Jack Ridl (1975 and 1986), James Malcolm (1976), Stephen Hemenway (1981), Chief Justice Mary S. Coleman (1982), Arthur Jentz, Jr. (1983), Wayne Boulton (1984), Dennis Voskuil (1985), Gordon Van Wylen (1987), Donald Cronkite (1988), Susan Cherup (1989), Boyd Wilson (1990), L. Bruce van Voorst (1991), Robert Schuller (1992), Harvey D. Blankespoor (1993), Louise Shumaker (1994), James Allis (1995), Kgothatso Semela (1995), John J. Shaughnessy (1996), Annie Dandavati (1997), Steven Bouma-Prediger (1998), John and Julie Fiedler (1999), C. Baars Bultman (2000), Maura M. Reynolds (2001), Ronald Wolthuis (2002), Fred L. Johnson (2003), Timothy L. Brown (2004), Paul Boersma (2005), Steven Hoogerwerf (2008) (MP3 audio), Rob Pocock (2010); and Wayne Brouwer (2016); as well as baccalaureate addresses of Dennis Voskuil (1980), Jay Weener (1981), Wayne Boulton (1989), Ron Beyer (1991), Timothy Brown (1992), Beth Marcus (1993), Peter Semeyn (1994), Nancy Miller (1995), I. John Hesselink (1996), Charles Van Engen (1998), Frederick “Fritz” Kruithof (1999), Jacob Nyenhuis (2001), Leanne Van Dyk (2002), Eugene Taylor Sutton (2003), David Bast (2005), Kate Davelaar (2010, CD also available); and Jeff Allen (2016). DVD available for 1991, 2006-2014. Audio MP3 for 2008. Other commencement and baccalaureate addresses can be found in the press releases section of the Hope College Public Relations website (2002-ongoing).


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